Head of Operations Innovation Hub MTR Corporation Limited


Mr. H.W. Chan is a widely experienced Engineering Manager, Communications, Control and Network, who has over 30 years of related exposures, most of which have been associated with the MTR Corporation in Hong Kong. Mr. Chan has broad experience in a number of railways around the region with in-depth knowledge in many Internet of Things, telecom and control facilities in use by railways. He leads a team of managers and engineers to drive innovation and technology development by introducing smart technologies for enhancement of railway safety, operations and maintenance efficiency as well as customer experience.

Mr. Chan is also responsible for network and cyber security of all Operation Technology (OT), overseeing the corporate data network, cyber security infrastructure and all connected communication and control systems of the Hong Kong railway. He also manages a Data Studio to support all the data processing needs arising from the railway operations and maintenance.

He holds a Bachelor degree of Science in Engineering from The University of Hong Kong. He is also a Chartered Engineer of UK, a member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).