Ms Justina HO

Director of Talent Wealth Group Limited

She is a loyal supporter for challenges and continuous education. Besides her endless pursuit of knowledge herself, she has dedicated much of her time to young people, especially with the aim to foster creativity and interests in science and engineering. That includes organizing, mentoring, presenting, and judging in many student and young engineer events and programmes. This passion coincides with Hong Kong’s focus on STEM education in recent years.  She had been the STEM Programme Coordinator for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Hong Kong, bringing 20 years of STEM works and researches from the IET headquarter in UK to Hong Kong and establishing local STEM programmes, such as the Hong Kong STEM Task Force, Hong Kong STEM Ambassador Programme, and STEM 4 Girls Programme.  Moreover, she is the Chairlady of the Talent Cultivation Committee of the Greater Bay Area International IT Industry Association and the Honorary Secretary of Smart City Academy.

A strong preacher of equality, diversity and inclusion in the local industry, Justina helped the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award to launch in Hong Kong for the first time in 2019, celebrating accomplished local young woman engineers and encouraging them to become role models for young girls with talents in the STEM subjects.

She is currently a Council Member of the IET in its UK headquarter and the Chairlady for the IET Hong Kong Branch Committee.  Moreover, she is a Member of the Smart City Consortium Talent Cultivation Committee, a Member of the Cyberport Entrepreneurship Centre Advisory Group, a Co-op Member of the Industry Training Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Government Qualifications Framework, and a Member of the Assessment Panel of government funds. She was also a Research Fellow of the Lingnan University STEAM Education and Research Centre and the Coordinator for HKAAST Youth Programme, developing STEM programmes for young scientists and engineers, such as the Seedling Ambassador Programme.

She has received the Hong Kong Elite Professional Ladies 2017 Award in recognition of her works for the industry.